Are you struggling to plan training courses for the employees of your company?

Discover the scheduler that will minimize costs and effort.

Training Planner is the perfect solution for the scheduling of training courses that require the physical presence of the attendees, in companies with multiple delegations, in multiple geographical locations.

The application is designed to overcome the issues faced by training departments regarding the when and where a training course should be made available, in order to maximize attendance and resource usage.

The Discovery Agent is Training Planner’s integration tool. It collects data from your company’s HCM system-of-record to discover the actual and future needs for training. It will inform you when training courses are requested by employees and managers, when certifications expire and have to be renewed, when new employees are recruited and need to be trained and much more.

Alternatively, you can enter the information manually, by specifying a training course that you know that is needed and the budgetary limit.

Then you will see the action of Training Planner’s optimization engine – The Optimizer. It will analyze the availability of your company’s internal facilities (such as laboratories and classrooms) and the agendas of your internal trainers. It will determine accommodation and travel costs for the location indicated by you, compare them with prices in different locations and dates and give you that comparative information, so that you can choose the best option.

It will even inform you when the accommodation that you intended to book becomes unavailable or when fluctuations in accommodation and travel costs occur.

With Training Planner you will be able to easily and quickly schedule all the training sessions for your company’s employees, optimizing resource usage and minimizing costs.

Key features and benefits

Simplifies your work

Simplifies your work

Training needs will be identified by Training Planner and presented to the HR professional. You can accept Training Planner’s suggestion or indicate training courses that you know that have to be scheduled. Then let the Optimizer do the work for you. It will calculate total costs, suggest locations and travel arrangements.
Minimizes costs

Minimizes costs

Always aware of the latest changes in prices and resource availability, the application informs HR professionals about the most suitable locations, dates and travel arrangements with regard to costs.
Maximizes Resource Usage

Maximizes Resource Usage

To determine the best time and place for an event to occur, Training Planner will consider the existence of your internal material and human resources, such as in-house laboratories and trainers. It will maximize their use and comply with the defined budget.
Displays alternative scheduling options

Displays alternative scheduling options

The Optimizer will provide you with alternative options in terms of location and date, so that you can compare different scenarios and choose the one that better suits your requirements.
Integrates with your HCM system

Integrates with your HCM system

The Discovery Agent integrates with your HCM system-of-record and other corporate applications to capture the need or demand for training courses (e.g. onboarding training needs, expiration of certifications that have to be renewed, training requested by employees).
Provides self-service functionalities

Provides self-service functionalities

Employees and managers can browse the training catalogue and apply for training courses. They can also register their training needs that are not included in the existing catalogue. Training Planner also provides a workflow for manager approval of training requests.

Who needs Training Planner in the time of online training?

There are no conflicting agendas with online training. Each employee can access the course 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, in a comfortable environment, without travel and accommodation costs for the company. So why do you need a tool to help you with the scheduling of training courses?

A learn by doing approach is, in numerous cases, the best strategy to build a well-trained team and to boost the potential of your people.

To effectively learn many tasks and functions, employees need human interaction and to perform physical actions, which can only take place in offline, face-to-face training sessions or even in field courses.

Whenever your employees need to learn or develop their knowledge on the use of machinery or chemical products, for example, you will have to organize practical training courses and use a learn by doing approach. You will need to provide access to laboratories, simulators or equipment used in real industrial environment.

Likewise, a field trip or a field course provides trainees with a broad view on a subject, preparing them to deepen their knowledge and to easily retain new information.

What about classroom instruction? Can it be replaced by online courses? Not always. Skills such as being able to interact with other people and face-to-face communication abilities may be neglected, if classroom learning is completely replaced by online learning.

For knowledge that requires simple memorization, online courses can be very effective. However, to develop skills such as public speaking, critical thought, argumentation, debate, leadership and team spirit, you will have to provide your trainees with a classroom environment, where human interaction can take place.

Training Planner in action

Meet the Discovery Agent and the Optimizer

Training Planner provides two powerful engines to HR departments that need to schedule training courses that require the physical presence of the attendees, in companies with multiple delegations, in multiple geographical locations:

The Discovery Agent is Training Planner’s integration tool and its first engine.

The second engine is The Optimizer. It provides HR departments with all the information they need to choose the best time and place for a training course to take place, saving time and money.

Watch Training Planner’s video to learn more.

Discovery Agent

The Discovery Agent integrates with the HCM system-of-record of your company to capture the need and demand for training courses. It collects information on various business processes:

  • Career development required training;
  • Periodic training/certification expiration;
  • Training requested by employee/manager;
  • On Boarding training needs.

As the data is collected, the application will analyze it and suggest the planning of new events to the training department.

The integration with the HCM system-of-record and other corporate applications provides HR departments with information that will allow them to foresee the needs for training sessions over the actual and next years, and to plan them far in advance, thus reducing costs and maximizing attendance.


Based on user input, the Optimizer provides alternative scheduling suggestions and you will be able to choose the option that better suits your company’s needs.

The optimizer was developed to answer the following questions:

  • When and where should the training session be held?
  • What is the deviation from the budget?
  • How much can be saved, if I choose a different scenario?
  • How to maximize event attendance?


  • Proactively expands the search, to find alternative valuable solutions;
  • Suggests new options when the availability of a resource changes (e.g. trainer, facility);
  • Informs the user when fluctuations in accommodation and travel costs occur.

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