Business Process Management

Improve the efficiency and flexibility of your business processes

The Business Process Management Software enables our customers to design, execute, monitor and optimize complex organizational processes by using a central platform: SAP Process Orchestration.

With SAP Process Orchestration tools, a process can be designed by business specialists and developed by analysts in the same platform, thus guaranteeing that the implemented result corresponds to the required process.

SAP Process Orchestration allows applications (SAP and non-SAP) to communicate with each other using their own native protocols and making use of the various adapters that are available out of the box. SAP Process Orchestration system will then be in charge to convert protocols and formats. When communication protocols are not available in the collection of adapters, we are able to create new adapters.

The skills of our team in the development of custom applications and in providing services in various platforms enable our company to undertake fixed price projects, complementing the design of processes with the access to data in the most adequate platform.

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