Artifical Intelligence

We give your company the ability to extract and act on your data.

Following the growing importance of extracting knowledge from data and its pivotal role in the future of companies, we have improved our expertise in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

We implement systems capable of extracting key information contained within in your documents and, using NLP and ML algorithms, we transform this information into useful knowledge for our customers. These mathematical algorithms are complex but also powerful and allow the extrapolation of information that would be difficult to obtain otherwise, such as the skills of each employee or position, motivation levels, proficiency levels, among others.

Solutions that are based on the application of these technologies allow our customers to use them as a decision support tool in the following areas:

  • Recruitment - Helping with the decision-making process in recruitment by checking the fit between a candidate and the available vacancy;
  • Talent retention – Assessing the risk of talent loss based on motivation levels, behavioral patterns, position or career path, location, among other factors;
  • Succession Planning – Generation of suggestions for potential successors based on employee career paths, preferences, performance evaluations, career plans, among others;
  • Training plans – Identification of training needs based on the difference between position requirements and employee profile, based on employee career plans, workforce planning, among others.;

We have a team capable of implementing and configuring complex, customizable and scalable multi-agent systems, which can integrate with other applications, contributing to the enterprise ecosystem. Each agent and the system as a whole may be tailored to the customer's requirements.

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